Be Less Gordon

Be Less Gordon!

Catering equipment on the fritz? Don’t lose your head – keep your cool and be less Gordon. Our Kent-based engineers are always on hand to repair, maintain and supply all your commercial catering equipment.

We know how important your catering business is to you

We also know how frustrating it can be when a piece of important equipment breaks down.

Whether its broken or just needs a service, from a one off repair to an annual service of all of you commercial catering equipment we really can help.
From advice and guidance by phone to engineers attending quickly, we have the skill and experience to resolve any issues you have. We and our engineers are based in Kent, we have been here for nearly 20 years and want to help you keep you business up and running.
Whether a freezer is giving you the cold shoulder, your oven is cooking up trouble or your fans refuse to do the rounds – it can certainly be tempting to channel your inner Gordon.

Keeping your equipment working at full capacity and helping your staff work at their best is what we do!

Wear and tear from regular use or perhaps not being used or cleaned correctly, can stop your machine dead. Preventative maintenance can help stop this from happening by identifying potential problems with your equipment. We can help with staff training, making adjustments and repairs where needed and ensuring that you are compliant with regulatory standards.

Our team of specialists are only a phone call away to help prevent your very own kitchen nightmare. For repairs, maintenance or new parts altogether, get in contact with us today.